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  • Appliance Scrap Metal Removal

  • Appliance Deliveries

  • Technician & Installation Service

  • Air Condition Repair Service

  • 24/7 Emergency Sale & Delivery Service

  • 24/7 Customer Service


Restaurant Equipment

Good quality restaurant equipment is a necessity in running a successful business. At Coney Island Restaurant Equipment, we mainly carry heavy and medium duty top name brands. We want to provide our customers with the best quality equipment at the most affordable prices on the market. Our list of equipment is ever growing as we continue to expand our business to new horizons. We ship nationwide except for Hawaii and Alaska and provide the fastest available shipping methods to our customers. Contact us now so we can help you get the equipment and supplies needed to grow your business fast and efficiently.

24/7 Local Emergency Sales & Delivery Service

Never have to worry about being stuck with broken down equipment again. Coney Island Restaurant Equipment provides local businesses with 24/7 local emergency sales and delivery services, which means if we have the item you need in stock we will deliver for a small after hours fee. We want to ensure our customers are not left in the dark without working equipment during their busiest hours. We are here to help!

Dining Utensils


Get all the dining utensils you need all for a low price. From many different styles to choose from, Coney Island Restaurant Equipment has the right dining utensils for every foodservice business. Message us, or give us a call to emailed our dinnerware catalog.

Supermarket Builders

Design and build your next profitable supermarket with the help of our professional staff. Coney Island Restaurant Equipment, in conjunction with AHT, and Atlantic Supermarket Equipment can help you build and design a beautiful, and profitable supermarket in a fraction of the time. Call our Bohemia, NY location today to book your appointment with one of our supermarket design specialists.

Food Truck | Food Trailer | Food Cart Builders

The food truck industry is booming, and with such little cost to get one up and running, it is no surprise many people are purchasing food trucks today. Our team of specialists can help you build and design your next food truck. All you need to do is buy a truck, trailer, or cart, bring it over to our Bohemia, NY location, and we will handle the rest. We will fully equip your food truck, trailer, or cart with top of the line restaurant equipment, do all the fabrication, vehicle wrapping and more. If you need help finding where to purchase a food truck, trailer, or cart call our Bohemia, NY location, and our friendly staff will gladly guide you in the right direction.

Kitchen Design

Designing your commercial kitchen to be efficient, and profitable is no easy feat. We understand. That is why we are here. Our staff will help you design and build a high quality, efficient, and profitable commercial kitchen that will turn your foodservice business into a money making machine. Got limited kitchen space? Not a problem! We offer a large variety of specially designed combination equipment that can make any small kitchen create the production of a large commercial kitchen.

Web Design

In today's business world a website is the gateway to new customers. Without one, people won't really know you are there. Most people now and days do not typically drive, or walk around looking for places to eat. This is why it is imperative for every foodservice business to have a website. Our staff can help build, and design your next custom made website to fit your business needs.

Menu Design

Designing a menu is one of the hardest parts about building a restaurant believe it, or not. Your menu is what drives your business. Having too many items on the menu can result chefs not being able to deliver food on time, and could also potentially result in reducing the quality of the food. Having too little items on the menu can result in customers losing interest. So how to create the perfect menu? No worries! Our professional staff can help you organize and design the most stylish, and profitable menu all for a low fee.

Business Card Design

You cannot have a professional restaurant, or foodservice business without a business card. Business cards are a great way of getting new customers, and getting your customers to come back again. So for this reason Coney Island Restaurant Equipment decided to help our customers by providing them with our new business card designing and printing service. Best part of all is the entire job can be done over the net. Contact us for more information on how to get started.

Business Vinyl Signage

Every business needs an attractive sign to get more attention. More attention means more customers, and more customers means more revenue. Our staff can help design and print out your next custom made outdoor, or indoor vinyl sign according to your business needs. Got your own design? Looking for a quick print? No problem! You can email us your design at and we will send you a quote on printing and shipment.

Point Of Sale Systems (POS Systems)

The advent of POS systems has revolutionized the way we do business. With so many different applications to choose from, it is no surprise that a POS system is a must have in every retail, or foodservice store. Do your registry, inventory, accounting, bookings, and more all from one business solution device. Let our staff help you pick out the right POS system that is right for you. We have thousands of POS systems to choose from. Not having a POS system has already cost you more than owning, or leasing a POS system device. You could literally be saving thousands of dollars a year, and save a lot of unnecessary time by switching over right now!

Local Appliance Deliveries

Need items delivered professionally and safely from one commercial place to another in the Tri-State area? Our expert delivery staff can help! Call us for a delivery quote and get the items you need delivered FAST!

Local Appliance Removal

Got some appliance scrap metal you need to get rid of? We can take it off your hands for a low fee. Call to book your appliance scrap metal removal appointment today for fast and immediate removal service in the Nassau county, and Suffolk county NY area.

Foodservice & Office Furniture

Get any foodservice, or office furniture you need for your business FAST. From tables, to chairs, to counters, and more all for a low price. Our friendly staff will help you pick out the right furniture for your foodservice business needs. Not seeing what you are looking for on our website? Not a problem. We are uploading products on a daily basis. If you do not see what you are looking for, simple contact us with your inquiry for a picture and a product quote. Package deals are available on bundle orders.

Indoor & Outdoor Walk-In Boxes

Every foodservice business needs a place to store their food. What better way to do so then with a indoor, or outdoor walk-in unit. Our staff can help your measure and find the right walk-in unit you need. We have many different brands to choose from, and can have it shipped right to your door.

Gondola & Wire Shelving

Coney Island Restaurant Equipment offers a variety of styles and sizes of gondola and wire shelving. Store and place all your items on beautiful, and professional gondola, or wire shelving for a splendid merchandise display.

Stainless Steel Sheet Metal

Many businesses use stainless steel sheet metal for their kitchen wall to make cleaning a breeze. Stainless steel, unlike other metals can handle many tough cleaning chemicals that other metals cannot. Coney Island Restaurant Equipment offers stainless steel sheet metal in standard and custom sized made to order sheets, seem strips, and corner pieces. No job is too big, or too small. Quality and customer satisfaction guaranteed.

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