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Open Position In JAX, FL

Outside Sales Representative

Earn 30% in commissions from our profits per individual sale working as our outside sales representative. The requirements for this job is simple. You must speak English (a plus if multilingual), and all you have to do is refer the customer to us, we take care of the rest of the transaction, and you get paid! It's that simple! Call now for more details and see if this position is right for you.

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Commercial HVAC Companies
Networking Opportunity

We are working with other small businesses to build a network of relationships where we can help each other expand our companies together. In this field there is a high demand for service in the commercial foodservice industry. Call us to discuss and learn more about networking and mutual growth opportunities.

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Networking Opportunity

At Sterling Restaurant Equipment we encounter various types of building projects. In order to provide this service we want to hire affordable, yet professional licensed companies to get the job done! Call us now to see how you can be our top recommended company in your local area today!

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Food Truck Builders In JAX, FL
Networking Opportunity

Are you food truck builder in Jacksonville, FL? If so we want to work with you! One of our most used service is building food trucks. We are looking for food truck builders in our nearby area to network with. Call us to find out more information on mutual growth networking opportunities.

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Signage & Awnings
Networking Opportunity

We want to provide our customers with all their individual needs from restaurant equipment to business signage and awnings. Restaurant owners are constantly opening locations, and we can use your help to get them SIGNED UP! Call us for more info on networking opportunities today.

Call (347) 372-7755 For More Information Now!

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