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Local Delivery Service

Get your equipment and supplies delivered from one location to another at a low price. We service all of Jacksonville, and St. Augustine, Florida. Quality service guaranteed!


What Do You Want To Move?

Make a list of the equipment and supplies you wish to move. Be sure to have all the items disconnected by a licensed professional technician before hand. If you do not have a technician, and need a technician please contact us for their phone number.


Measure Your Doorways

Make sure to measure your doors to ensure the units are able to be taken out. Keep in mind that you may need more space to make wide turns depending on the unit being moved. If you have stairs, or elevators be sure to include that in your message to get a proper quote.


Send Information For Delivery

Send us your delivery information, equipment list, door measurements, let us know if you have any stairs, if there is gravel, or any other information we may need to get the proper tools to get the job done. Once we gathered all the necessary information, we will contact you with pricing, and to book a date and time for your delivery.

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